Effective Parenting

"The unimpeded intentionality of living systems, especially human being, is self- realization and self- actualization, and the

fulfillment of genetic potential or possibilities. This intentionality must be empowered to be realized." Let us help awaken and empower the natural genius of your child by using culture as a base for proper psychological and physical development of your child.

Behavior Refinement

As the strongest and most manifested of life's forces, emotions are the chief effectors of physical and mental or illness. Emotions can be our greatest ally or worst adversary. Though we can rid ourselves of emotions and shouldn't want to, we can absolutely manage them. Let me show you how. 

Youth Life Coaching

We will use traditional and non traditional methods to help youth align their personality traits, with developing purpose, passions, along with natural/learned abilities, to engineer a plan for their lives.

Power Coaching

Will You Choose to be Powerful?


Life is a science, and like all science there are formulas with proven effective results.  Lots of us live our lives on the defensive just letting life happen to us and reacting to circumstances as they occur.  Not having a plan, so we inevitability become a part of someone else’s.  Today all that can change for you.  I have a formula for a powerful life, and I’m willing to share it if you so choose. 

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