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Meet The Team

Chris Matthews

  • chrismatthews

I work with individuals, couples, and families in need of assistance navigating through life. I believe as a therapist it is my job to be a co-pilot that helps guide my clients through the storms of conflict, infidelity, grief, trauma, and life's transitions such as marriage, divorce, childrearing, job change, and retirement.

My approach is genuine and I value the opportunity to be apart of change that offers peace, insight, and tranquility. In addition to implementing best practice treatment modalities, I rely on my ability to establish deep rooted connections with my clients.

Johannah Miller

Master Educator

Aseop LLC

KAREN M. YOUNG, CEO of AESOP, LLC, is a graduate of Boston College (BA, Elementary Education and Special Education) and the City College of New York (MS,  Administration and Supervision). She began her thirty year career with the New York City Public School System as a classroom teacher and Resource teacher for the Gifted and Talented as well as the Title 1 Reading and Writing Coordinator.  Ms. Young moved to North Carolina where she continued her career in education. During her tenure as a middle school teacher, Ms. Young became one of the first to be trained in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) curriculum and was able to have her school be recognized as a Nationally Certified AVID school (1999). Ms. Young then joined the Curriculum and Instruction Elementary Team, providing professional development, mentoring, and coaching to the district's Principals, Assistant Principals, and teachers. In 2005, Ms. Young was recognized as the Teacher of the Year of her District and a finalist for the North Carolina State Teacher of the Year. In 2007, Ms. Young entered the charter school world as a founding teacher and worked her way up through the ranks to become the School Leader. During that time, she received invaluable professional training in the areas of instructional coaching, management, and leadership.  Currently, Ms. Young works with schools and youth organizations to enhance their programs and attain their goals as well as developing and writing curriculum for agencies.