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EST. 1971


      Adrian Sundiata


Adrian Sundiata is a multifaceted, multidisciplinary Visionary, who's presence impacts any environment. Adrian balances well being deeply rooted in his cultures traditional values, and being an innovative spirit with a perspective that challenges his audience to look beyond the status quo. A tireless change agent and, cultural consultant specializing in culturally responsive human centered design strategies for building integrated systems, for low-income students, underrepresented groups, public and private schools, non-profit, and community-based organizations.  He has over 25 years of experience being a Servant Leader and Educator within the African American Community.  


A Culturally Centered Design approach aligns Humanity, Ecology, Tradition, and Innovation in a very Culturally Responsible way to solve the complex problems of a group, and to achieve desired outcomes that are sustainable, and can be advanced upon when necessary, 


Power is an initiative to get African Men worldwide to re-engineer their lives to become Powerful and Optimize every area of their lives.  (Health, Business, Family, Career and Community)


Human Eco Company

Hue•Co is a Think Tank and Innovation Lab that's Culturally Responsible for designing Systems, Institutions, and Products of Hue•man Sustainability. By using the Science of Divination in collaboration with Technology, Engineering Sciences, and Hue•man Centered Design Thinking we not only solve Hue•man problems we advance, and improve the quality of Hue•man life.



Adrian Sundiata


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